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With a wide array of superstar signings in football on a bi-annual basis, it’s easy to get swept away with excitement when your latest midfield linchpin signs on the dotted line. But, is it worth spending 10’s of millions on the latest Brazilian prodigy when a Championship stalwart will give you the same return? We find out how much a Premier League goal really costs.

The Cost of a Premier League Goal
Winter transfer window ends with some surprise moves, but the clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool have not stopped their search, they have started their search for next transfer window which opens in the start of next season. Top Premier League clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur are keeping tabs on top players for the summer window and these winter odds could continue in the summer window.

Premier League Transfer Window Odds
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Premier League also known as Barclays Premier League or English Premier League is world’s most renowned Football league. arsenal World’s best footballers play in it and it is a dream of every football player to play for Premier League. I talked to some of the Non-English football fanatics about their views on Premier League and asked these questions;

1- Is Premier League the most popular League in your Country?
2- What about your own National League and its follow-ship?
3- Do everyone in your social circle follow EPL and have their favourite teams?
4- Which other league you like other than EPL?

I have summarized the responses to know what people really thing and what position EPL holds in different countries.

The Popularity of Premier League outside United Kingdom
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The ink is finally dry on the biggest transfer deal in football history involving 25-year-old whiz kid from Brazil Neymar Jr. The former Barcelona striker invoked a clause in his contract allowing him to buy out the remainder of his deal for 263-million dollars. He then immediately signed a new deal making him the new superstar of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) a football club where Neymar is expected to be the focal point of the offense. The new team is expected to be centered around him and his incredible skills, taking him out of the shadows cast by playing with the world’s best player, Lionel Messi. Though the deal is likely a great opportunity for Neymar, it has brought up an interesting debate. Some have said Neymar’s leaving Barcelona may tip the scales in the greatest football rivalry of our time between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Pre-match and live betting are enjoyable and profitable, no doubt about that. But if you have a bit of foresight and prediction skills, you can make your betting experience even more lucrative with long-term and Turkish Super League is one of the best leagues for it.

Top 5 Turkish Bets for 2017
Mobile betting took this industry by the storm ever since the introduction of smartphones. Nowadays a significant portion of online betting sites take place via mobile apps and websites and that’s why the big online companies in this domain are fighting for their share of the mobile pie. Turkish punters are among those who like to bet using their mobile devices and there are several companies in Turkey which cater their needs with mobile products. 

Premier League sides were very active in the summer transfer window, but some of their signings eventually did not prove to be fruitful. The likes of Vincent Janssen, Ahmed Musa and Simone Zaza have been playing below expectations in the 2016/2017 Premier League and they are seen as the worst acquisitions of the season. For this transfer special we teamed up with Johnny Grant, editor at

Premier League Worst Signings
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A study shows the most popular Premier League clubs worldwide as well as the clubs each country favours. Manchester United dominates worldwide but many countries favour another team – often because their own national football heroes played for the team.

Going Global is a study on worldwide popularity of Premier League teams. Premier League is England’s primary football competition and often claimed as the world’s best football league.

Most popular Premier League clubs worldwide according to Facebook data
Arsenal popularity all over the world

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