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Things you need to know about Copa America 2015: See the venue and the stadium details with capacity and location. Venue: Antofagasta, Capacity: 21,178.

With the domestic leagues over, the South American players embark on a new journey that is the Copa America taking place in Chile this year. Football fans need not to worry as there is plenty of Football to keep us engaged and excited. With these 12 teams set to fight it out the win the coveted trophy which takes place once every four years. Bragging rights are also at stake, to be the best team in the South America. The big nations in South American Football will be looking to add this trophy to add pride to their sides.

Things you need to know about Copa America 2015

A star studded tournament with major names playing the likes of Neymar, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi just to name a few, teammates at club level now face-off against each other fighting for not only being the best South American team but also the pride. The Tournament is held at Chile this year, the home side have never won the tournament only being runners up in four occasions will be looking to do their nation proud by winning at home.

The Tournament is hosted in eight venues and nine stadiums across Chile. Here’s a look at the venues:

1. Venue: Antofagasta
Stadium: Estadio Regional de Antofagasta home stadium of club Deportes Antofagasta
Capacity: 21,178

2. Venue: Vina Del Mar
Stadium: Estadio Sausalito home stadium of CD Everton
Capacity: 22,340

3. Venue: Santiago
Stadium 1: Estadio Nacional-National stadium of Chile (Biggest stadium in the country)
Capacity:  48,665
Stadium 2: Estadio Monumental Home ground of Colo-Colo 
Capacity: 47,347

4. Venue: Concepción
Stadium: Estadio Municipal de Concepción
Capacity: 30,448

5. Venue: La Serena
Stadium: Estadio La Portada home stadium of Deportes La Serena
Capacity: 17,194

6. Venue: Valparaíso
Stadium: Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander home stadium of Santiago Wanderers
Capacity: 20,575

7. Venue: Rancagua
Stadium: Estadio El Teniente home stadium of O'Higgins
Capacity: 15,252 (Smallest stadium)

8. Venue: Temuco
Stadium: Estadio Municipal Germán Becker home ground of Deportes Temuco
Capacity: 18,936

The Mascot for this year’s Copa America is Zincha after of Chileans voted for this name. The name Zincha is a combination between fox and a fan. This name lays emphasis on thousands of supporters who follow South American Football. Football supporters can show their support on Social Media by using the hashtag #BienvenidoZincha.

The official song for this year’s Copa America is sung by a Chilean group La Noche De Brujas and the song is called Al Sur Del Mundo.

The Copa America invite two teams from CONCAF every Copa America and this year sees new entrants Jamaica who has been invited for the first time to take part along with regular invitees Mexico.

Uruguay is the team which has won the most Copa America titles an astonishing 15 times having won the tournament last time in 2011. The La Celeste will be looking to add more to their already glittering Copa America trophy collection.

The Tournament kicks off tomorrow at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago with host nation Chile taking on the Ecuadorians. This tournament promises to be exciting and it’s hard to predict which South American nation would win it.

Joshua Ronald Ivan, follow him on Twitter.

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