Thursday, 20 February 2014

PakReds going in the right direction

Pakistan Liverpool fans community came into existence in 2010 with a Facebook page which later turned to be an official Pakistan's branch of Liverpool. Thanks to the hard work of the Founders Nausherwan Effandi and Raheel Ahmed who have been showing their passion and love for this club Liverpool.

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It started from a Facebook page where they can interact with each other. Currently on Facebook more than 5000 people are fans of PakReds.

PakReds started gathering LFC supporters to watch LFC play together by arranging screening in various different countries and at various locations.

PakReds co-founder Raheel Ahmed said, “We set up a page for Liverpool fans of Pakistan, and slowly we grew from just a page to become the face of Liverpool in the country.”

In 2011, they officially started with the name of PakReds, afterwards they promoted in schools and colleges so that they can gather all the Liverpool fans together like a family. In the same year, Liverpool local newspaper Liverpool-echo published an article on PakReds, which was a wonderful achievement.

PakReds going in the right direction
Photo from Dawn News
The next big and major achievement was taking an interview of Pakistani born Liverpool first team doctor Zafar Iqbal, this interview brought them into Liverpool’s notice that Pakistan fans are serious they want to make it official.

They are not just a community, they started playing football, training young players with the name of PakReds at an Anfield themed ground in the city of Lahore so that they can gain more popularity.

Last year in February, Liverpool launched a Twitter account for Pakistani supporters. Later next day, Liverpool officially announced that PakReds is now officially Pakistan’s Liverpool fan club and they also got listed in the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce as a sports society.

LFC fans in Pakistan started contacting them when they got to know that they are the official member of Liverpool.

Raheel said that “After having so much response we started PakReds membership for 1000 rupees per annum.”
They have 135 registered members currently.

He said when asked about the future, “We want to bring the Liverpool culture to Pakistan, We want to do community-building projects here, in line with what Liverpool are famous for.”

PakReds event for children

Last year in December they successfully held an event which was for the children from Korangi and Mauripur who were given the knowledge and education related to this big club Liverpool.
Their goal is to make this Pakistan’s most supported club.

“PakReds is not only the name of a community it’s a family.”

Long live PakReds, Long live Liverpool.

For more detailed article visit Dawn.

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