Wednesday, 25 June 2014


On Tuesday, A group match was played between Brazil and Cameroon in Brasilia, both the teams fighting hard in the field so that they could go to the round of 16. Those 90 minutes were surely not a relaxing moment as teams like Cameroon, Iran, Costa Rica etc. playing incredibly hard and giving football giants a tough time in the World Cup. But the stadium full of football lovers chanted only one name: “NEYMAR! NEYMAR!”  And no doubt the 22 year old Brazilian star scored his career’s best two goals against Cameroon and played an important part to get his team to qualify for the next round.

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Neymar Jr, the phenomenal soccer player  has loads of pressures on his young shoulders as all Brazilian fans as well as football legends expects  him to deliver his best  and undoubtedly this football champ must  have to deliver his best as right now Brazilian camp has only one exceptional  player  Neymar.

If we look over the Brazilian World Cup history we see that Pele had Tostao, Rivelino and Jairzinho. Socrates had Zico and Falcao. Romario had Bebeto and Rai. Ronaldo had Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. But In this World Cup, Neymar has only Neymar.

It’s a big question for football lovers as what Brazil would do if the star player got injured? Would they be able to survive in this World Cup without him?

Brazilian camp will have to prepare for the fierce reactions of the host fans if they fall and fail in the World Cup and Neymar who is continuously compared with football legend Pele must give his best to get his team through final and win the cup for his team.

The question arises whether one man is enough to carry the hopes of a nation.
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Saba Imam


  1. good one! neymar will continue to shine.

  2. Sadia Sami25 June 2014 21:25

    Amazingly written about Neymar hopes for best :)

  3. Saroosh Khan25 June 2014 23:59

    Neymar has Fred and Hulk . .

    • Junaid Effendi26 June 2014 01:49

      fred and hulk can never be compared to the above mentioned names.

  4. World News28 June 2014 14:37

    One man is not enough to carry the hopes of a nation. If Neymar got injured Brazil Would not be able to survive in this World Cup without him-anymore.