Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Suarez, a disgrace to football?

Today, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini which will definitely ban him from this World Cup

Recently, Suarez bit Italian defender Chiellini in the last group game of World Cup. The frustration led the all-time Uruguay international to do this incident, but why he bites player? There are much more better things to do, even a head butt is better than biting. After biting him he acted like he has not done anything, knowing all the cameras are there to capture these moments, even Chiellini had a clear proof  of his teeth mark on his shoulder.
FIFA will going to take an action quickly before the next game.

It was done by Suarez for the third time, he has already bitten PSV's Otman Bakkal in 2010 (suspended for seven games) when he was at Ajax and Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanović in a Premier League game in April 2013, that time he was suspended for ten games and from today's incident it looks like he will not be featuring in this World Cup any more.

Suarez actually do these things when he fails to achieve his target, Italy were going to the next round that time and just after that incident captain Diego Godin scored a brilliant header on the corner kick which later became the match winning goal.

On the other hand, may be this incident will make Barcelona and Real Madrid to take a step back and think further on him.

This incident might make Liverpool fans happy but it’s a total disgrace, he is a brilliant, top class footballer but his biting quality is a disgrace.

Suarez, a disgrace to football? 
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  1. disgrace for me i am a gooner i really like him but his bitting :/

  2. Danyal Effendi25 June 2014 00:03

    He needs self management lessons and a psychatiarist. Otherwise this habbit will grow and end his career.

  3. he should be retired from football.
    he is a disgrace to liverpool football club and its fans .
    they would put a dog down if it bit 3 different people.
    why should teams have to face playing against such an imbalenced retard .
    stevie g lampard the rest of the boys may be out of the world cup ,but at least they represented their country in a respectfull way and played with respect to the opposition.

  4. Take him to the zoo where he belongs can't live with humans